Reading Vs. TV Watching


   It is estimated that the average American citizen watches 28 hours of TV each week and more than 4 hours of TV each day (Herr, Norman).  Think about how much time is being spent on mindless television, when one could do something more educational and productive. Reading is fun and educational at the same time. Your imagination could be just as good as, or better than something on HDTV, if you let it.


  An article titled Effects of TV on Kids Becoming Less Remote, in USA TODAY stated that, based on a study conducted on TV viewers, 68% of children two years old and younger than two watch an average of two hours of TV per day. It also stated that 6-year-olds, and younger, spend as much time playing computer games and watching TV as they do outside. Some other studies connect TV watching with poor reading skills and weight-gain (Kornblum, Janet).




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