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   One dark night, a horse-drawn carriage, traveling through a lonely, haunting forest, transports a young, nervous man to the door of an ancient, towering manor house. It is there that Samuel Wallis learns about his mysterious, late grandfather and a strange will made out to him. One condition of the will is that Sam locates a treasure, an enigmatic treasure. Sam must follow a trail of clues, which lead him across continents and oceans to a discovery with great implications for the future of Earth. At the same time, a powerful villain and his henchmen are seeking the same thing Sam is after and they will stop at nothing to get it.
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The world is in an iron grip. Cruel dictators run society. Nothing is out of their reach. 

 One man must decide to face his worst fears...or remain loyal to his leader. The choice must be made soon...and the lives of millions may be in jeopardy if the wrong choice is made. 




   Sign of Treason                                                                                  
One man's dream is another man's nightmare.


 Written in 2007, Sign of Treason is a science fiction novel set in a time when a man or woman`s every action is scrutinized to determine whether he or she is loyal to the state or not. When a man named Kevin learns that his superiors are lying to him, he seeks to  find out the truth. As a proctor---one of the despised police enforcers of the future--Kevin faces a dilemma when the very people he works for instruct him to do something that goes against his conscience. He must kill without mercy or be branded a traitor.

His fate is up to him: will he betray his own people in order to save the lives of his former enemies, or will he obey his orders to the letter. 






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Excerpts From Joel's Writings


Excerpt from the manuscript Beneath the Rising Sun:


He was running. Air rushed past his face. There was a snap just a few feet behind him. His pursuer was closing in. He wouldn`t have much time...

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